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Outrun 2 racing arcade game simulator hire

Outrun 2 racing arcade game simulator hire

For simulator driving or a car simulator or a racing simulator or car driving simulator, Out Run 2 provides realistic graphics and is a hugely popular racing arcade game and car racing arcade game.

Players can take the coast route as they attempt to get to the next check point before the time elapses, and are set numerous challenges in the bid to gain extra seconds in one of the most enjoyable and entertaining arcade racing games, car arcade games and car simulator games available.

Racing simulators and car simulators, race car simulators and car driving simulators are popular with everybody both young and old, male and female. Our Run 2 is one of the racing arcade games, arcade car games, racing simulators and race car simulator that will appeal to everyone. Driving simulators and games simulators, car racing simulation and racing car simulation does not get any better than Out Run 2. For racing arcade games hire, racing arcade game hire, car racing arcade games, car racing arcade game hire and car racing arcade games hire please contact us. We will have the perfect racing simulator games for your next event and a car race simulator or car arcade game for all occasions. Perfect for party ideas and entertainment ideas, a car racing simulator and car racing simulators or car simulator game makes for the perfect of all arcade games, video games and arcade machine games.
We can supply arcade video games, video arcade games, arcade games machines, video games machines, arcade games machines, amusement arcade machines and amusement arcade games nationwide. For arcade games hire, simulator hire, simulators hire, arcade machine hire, simulators for hire and arcade game hire and to hire arcade machines, Sega arcade machines, Sega arcade games please contact our team of advisors to discuss all of your car driving simulator and car simulator requirements. A car simulator, racing arcade game and car simulators are perfect party games and party ideas, arcade machines or an arcade games machines, arcade games machine, simulator game, arcade machine, arcade game and this simulator – Outrun 2 will really entertain all of your guests at your next event. A car simulator, racing car simulator or a racing simulator, car arcade game and car racing simulators are perfect for exhibition stand attractions, exhibition attractions and exhibition entertainment.Why not hire the car simulator exhibition simulator game for your next exhibition.It really will be an attention grabber and attract the crowds to your next exhibition stand.The racing simulator or car simulator is perfect for all events. Hire Outrun or hire Out Run 2 for your next event.

Dimensions – 1.5m (W) x 1.8m (H) x 1.5m (D) – Double door access required
Power requirement – Standard 13amp wall socket

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