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Inflatable Basketball Hire

Inflatable Basketball Hire

​Hire inflatable basketball for your next event, and the competitive streak will come out in all of your guests, one of the great inflatable sports.

Everyone fancies themselves as the next Michael Jordan, and what looks like a very easy game of getting a ‘small’ ball through a ‘large’ hoop suddenly takes on a different perspective when they are faced with an opponent. Participants stand side by side and attempt to score as many baskets as they can in the inflatable basketball net. As the balls return, they attempt to ‘slam dunk’ their opponent into oblivion. As their time runs out, the hoop appears to get smaller, as the players frantically try to net more points. The balls are returned to the players from the sloped inflatable wall. Some of our more competitive participants have even been known to steal their opponent’s balls, in an attempt to score more baskets. Can be used in conjunction as a time trial, or a race to get a set number of baskets. One of the truly exciting sport inflatables, and not just a kids inflatable.

For entertainment ideas, party ideas and inflatable sport, inflatable basketball offers a sporting challenge to suit all ages and both sexes, and is a great inflatable play for all fun day entertainment. Mobile basketball can be used as a station in a team building inflatable activity, and compliments all other inflatables in a sporting challenge. There is no need for brawn with this game, accuracy will always come out on top. It is great inflatable fun for company fun days and company parties as it attracts players both young and old. Inflatable basketball hire is an attraction that compliments other such sporting inflatables such as bungee run, gladiator joust, penalty shoot out, pole joust, human table football and volleyball. For corporate entertainment and corporate fun days, this mobile basketball unit is one of the most popular sports inflatables.

For promotional activities, the inflatable basketball has a ‘back wall’ that is affixed by Velcro, allowing company names and corporate logos to be branded on this wall. Please call our advisors, as for branding lead ties will apply. It has been used for promotions whereby participants get vouchers or products once they have scored a set number of baskets. A great item for inflatable advertising.

For all inflatable hire, to hire inflatable basketball or basketball hire, and for all inflatables hire and inflatables for hire please contact our team of advisors, or click the quote button below. Due to its relatively small footprint (compared to other inflatables it is not a large inflatable) inflatable basketball is not just an outdoor inflatable but can be used indoors as well. Indeed it is regularly used in offices for inter departmental challenges. A great item for inflatable entertainment and one of the best inflatable games hire.

Dimensions: 8ft (W) x 10ft (D) x 12ft (H)

Power: 1 x 13 amp power supply

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