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Roulette table hire with croupier

Roulette table hire with croupier

​Let us bring the excitement of a real casino, through our fun casino hire. For all casino nights, and any casino theme roulette table hire is a must.

Hire roulette tables from Novel Events and they are supplied inclusive of croupiers, chips and fun money. In our mobile casino, all of our roulette tables are full size, and of exceptional quality, we will not hire roulette tables out in the condition / size that some companies do. Images of all of our tables are available on request. Roulette hire, and all fun casino table hire from Novel Events, are always of a high quality standard.

Roulette is the best known and most iconic casino tables, a must for all casino theme events, and casino nights. Of all our casino equipment in our fun casinos, roulette provides the most casino entertainment. Its popularity stems from the excitement a spin of a wheel can generate. ‘Pace your bets’ – Players may then bet on a number or a combination of numbers. The ball is now spinning. ‘No more bets’ – and you wait to see if you are in the money. When the ball drops, the winning number will be greeted with screams from the winners, and marked with a dolly. The croupier will then pay out all the winning bets on the roulette table.

Roulette Rules

Each player receives different colour chips to make it easy to identify which chips belong to which player.
The player places his bets and the dealer then spins the ball, once the dealer announces ‘No more bets’ no more chips may be placed or moved, and the fun casino party roulette tables are in full flow.

When the ball drops into the winning number the dealer removes all losing bets and proceeds to pay the winners.
There are a variety of bets to play on roulette and the player may play as many or as few as they wish. Roulette tables can be extremely generous or extremely harsh, dependant on your luck.

Hire roulette tables for all events. They are great entertainment ideas and party ideas for all company parties, party theme nights, and all themed nights. To hire fun casino, and let our mobile casino come to you, please contact our advisors, who will be happy to discuss roulette table hire and all fun casino table hire. Our roulette table hire and fun casino hire have been by far the most popular of all party ideas. No casino night is complete without a roulette table. They have been supplied to company parties, private parties, staff motivational events, casino table hire for college balls, roulette table hire for university balls, along with fun casino hire for all events.

Our mobile casinos operate nationwide, and we can provide casino themed entertainment in all quantities from a single blackjack table to a whole casino themed party. Our casino parties, complete with casino table hire continue to be very popular. For roulette hire there is no better impression that can be made at your next casino night party or casino theme party. Our roulette hire and mobile casino hire ensure an amazing fun casino night. With our mobile fun casino you can hire casino equipment for any fun casino nights, or any event with casino themes. Many will utilise our roulette tables for a charity casino night, or a casino night fundraiser.

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