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Frisbee Garden Game

Frisbee Garden Game

​This frisbee garden game is one of the new modern garden games or giant games.

On Target uses three traditional Frisbee style flying discs, and adds skill with a target to aim for. With this garden frisbee game it is not just a case of throwing the frisbee to another player – you have to judge the distance in an attempt to get the frisbee to land on one of the coloured target areas. Players take turns to throw the three discs from a distance, aiming to land them on the large target mat. The difficulty of the frisbee garden game can be altered according to where the throwing line is positioned. Points are scored according to which ring of the target the discs land in – the closer to the bulls eye, the more points are awarded. Our frisbee garden game, also known as ‘On Target’, is one of the great garden games for entertaining guests of all ages.

All that is required to play the frisbee garden game is an area to place the target mat. Players can choose the difficulty level of this garden game by altering the throw line. As outdoor garden games go, the garden frisbee game is great fun, and an offer endless entertainment to all of your guests. They say that the best ideas are the simplest ideas and this frisbee garden game is no exception. The frisbee garden game is great amongst a package of giant games and garden games. It is a great leveller for all contestants and the frisbee garden game can be played equally by young and old. Hire garden frisbee game for your next event. Most people only ever throw a frisbee on the beach – here with this garden frisbee game your guests can throw and aim the Frisbees at the target areas to their hearts content.

For giant games hire garden games hire, frisbee garden game hire and garden games for hire, please contact our team of advisors who will be happy to discuss all of your garden games and giant games requirements. We can supply garden games packages and giant games packages nationwide. We can supply giant games and garden games for all events and in any combination. Please contact Novel Events to discuss packages and for advice on all your entertainment ideas and party ideas. Giant games are party games that will really entertain each and every one of your guests.

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