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Giant outdoor Noughts and Crosses game hire

Giant outdoor Noughts and Crosses game hire

​Giant noughts and crosses is one of the simplest games around, but still providing endless hours of enjoyment.

Noughts and crosses can be played by all ages, with the object of the game being to get three noughts, or three crosses in a row, whilst your opponent attempts to do the same. Noughts & crosses is a game of strategy where concentration is a must. Noughts and crosses or tic-tac-toe as Americans like to call it, is one of the simplest giant games or garden games around. Here we bring noughts & crosses on a massive scale. Noughts and crosses is great for players of all ages. Many of your younger guests will play noughts and crosses first. Once they have mastered noughts and crosses, they then appreciate draughts and connect 4 as these slightly more complex garden games offer fresh challenges.

Instead of playing noughts and crosses on paper – here we have our very own mat and markers in this great garden game. Our giant noughts & crosses is not just for outdoor garden games, noughts and crosses can be played indoors too. Noughts and crosses is a must for any giant games and garden games package. Garden noughts and crosses is a quick game that can enable a large number of your guests to play. Hire garden noughts and crosses for your next event.

To hire noughts and crosses, hire noughts & crosses and to hire garden noughts and crosses please contact our team of advisors. To hire garden games and to hire giant games, garden games for hire call Novel Events. We supply noughts and crosses, garden games and giant games nationwide. We can supply garden games packages for all events. A selection of giant games and garden games can really entertain all of your guests. Depending on the giant games or garden games you select (and we will be more than happy to advise you on this) there will be a giant game or garden game for everyone. Garden games and giant games are great for bringing together players of all ages. The older ones will be entertained by playing the games they used to play when they were young, and the youngsters may well be playing a game for the first time.

Hire noughts and crosses for your net event. Garden games and giant games will really entertain each and every one of your guests at all events.

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