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Gyroscope / Spaceball Hire

Gyroscope / Spaceball Hire

​The Gyroscope or spaceball gives the participant the feeling of complete weightlessness.

The operator spins the hoops in different directions, to give the participant one of the most interesting and different rides of their lives. The footplate can be altered to accommodate for a range of sizes. Imagine feeling like an astronaut in space, as you spin effortlessly in every direction possible.

The Gyroscope or spaceball uses centrifugal force to give the rider the feeling of complete weightlessness. It is derived from NASA's version of their 1960's astronaut trainer, which simulates the experience of weightlessness in the roll and tumble of outer space. It's an innovative, rarely seen, rarely experienced sit down ride.

We will strap you in, and then it is time to brace yourself for the ride of a lifetime! If you have ever been curious what it must have been like to have been a world famous astronaut, then here is your chance. You will be spun in three dimensions inside a three ring human gyroscope and lose all sense of weight and direction as you spin effortlessly in every direction possible. The spaceball allows you to do this in the comfort of a chair, and the footplate can be altered to accommadate a range of sizes. Gyroscopes spin a rider upside down, sideways, and end-over-end in a gyroscopic motion. The rider experiences total freedom with 360 degrees of unretricted movement. It's all about "Extreme Equilibrium".

You can ride a gyroscope ball again and again, repeating the experience with different intensity, roll and tumble. It has been ride by children as young as five, size permitting, and senior citizens in good health, as old as seventy. All without the feeling of stomach discomfort. Yes, that's right no stomach discomfort at all! Riders do not experience motion sickness because of the changing direction of the spin, which keeps their inner ear balanced.

The giroscope ride is great for both indoor (concrete floor) and level, hardened earth, outdoor operation (preferably on a concrete or asphalt). The ride is fenced to prevent anyone walking near or into the gyrocopes operational area. Our professional, fully trained staff seat riders securely within an integrated full body supported seat with a 5-point nylon safety harness. Additionally, a padded over the shoulder metal support brace drops down from above to hold, position and retain the rider in place., this brace has handles for the rider to hold with wrist braces. Riders feet are then securely belted to a stationary platform. Seating has rear and overhead safety padding.

So strap your feet in, harness up and get ready for the ride of your life! The gyroscope are great party ideas and entertainment ideas on thier own, or as a compliment to a range of other activities. It has proven very popular at all kinds of events, company parties, corporate fun days, company fun days, team building days and festivals

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