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Fire Breather Hire

Fire Breather Hire

F​ire, without a doubt is one of the most powerful phenomenon known to man.

Play with it at your peril. Here our trained fire breathers will show your guests the strength of the flame. Watch in amazement as they blow full length flames from their mouths, to the shrieks of the crowd. Without a doubt, a guaranteed crowd attraction at any event, for guests of all ages. With fire breathing you are getting one of the most impressive party entertainers. A fire breather will amaze your guests with the flow of flames emanating from their mouths in this wonderful fire performance. The fire breather is a different kind of fire performer to the fire eaters. Here instead of extinguishing the naked flame, the fire breather will use the fire, to produce fire events and a fire show that cannot be matched.

Fire breathing brings the wow factor to any event. They are party entertainment and event entertainment that will be truly memorable. Our fire performers with their fire show will live in the memories of your guests. They are the most amazing of party entertainers. Ideal for company parties, corporate fun days, company fun days and all other events, fire breathing and fire entertainment are perfect party ideas and entertainment ideas. We have supplied fire breathers to party theme nights and themed nights, where their extraordinary fire show have captivated the audience.

Fire breathers are amongst our most popular corporate entertainers. To hire entertainers, hire performers, hire fire breathers and hire the fire show, or for the finest fire entertainment available, please contact our experienced team of advisors, who will be more than happy to discuss your fire breathing / fire breathers requirements.

The fire breathers can be complimented with other party entertainers and fire performers to produce the most amazing fire show. Along with fire juggling, fire eating, fire dancing, fire poi, the fire blower or fire breather will supply you with fire entertainment. Set the scene, it is night time at your event, suddenly there is a gush of noise as the fire breathing entertainer blows a huge stream of fire into the darkened sky. The fire show has now begun. Fire shows and fire entertainment are exceptionally aesthetically pleasing, they can provide a huge impact at all events and will remain in your guests memory forever. Call Novel Events to arrange all your party entertainers, and especially your fire breathing entertainers.

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