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Space Party – Theme Night

Space Party – Theme Night

​For theme party or theme night, a party theme or party idea which will be unique and novel why not hold a space theme party, space party or space night for your next themed event.

With amazing use of laser lights and colourful images the spaceship has landed as your guests enter a space odyssey. At our space night, space party or spaced theme night a new universe is visited, with the venue adorned by strange planets shooting stars and flying saucers. With our space theme, space party or space night, aliens look like they have landed as they mix with astronaughts in this sci-fi packed event. The perfect opportunity for your guests to get dressed up in space party theme costumes ready for one of the best space parties or outer space party they have ever attended.

Our space themed nights and space themed events are amongst our most popular. A guaranteed hit with all of your guests. How many of them have said they have been to a space themed party, space party theme or space night before. For a truly unique and new party idea for your next party theme or party theme night why not hold a space party. As your guests arrive they enter the venue through the giant spaceship walkway to be met by walls adorned with colourful and bright backdrops showing various satellites and planets, shooting stars, the moon and of course space city. Our other space party, space night and space theme decorations included alien headboards, astronaughts boards rocket boards, life-size cut outs of Star Trek and Star Wars characters and of course no space party or space theme. space night or space party theme would be complete without the life-size statues of the aliens and the astronaughts.

Novel Events can supply the complete package for your next space theme, space party or space night. We have all the space party ideas imaginable. With laser shows and light shows the dance floor can be transformed into an out-of-this-world experience. Along with of course the numerous arcade games and simulators with the space theme such as the retro arcade games: asteroids and space invaders and of course no space theme or space party would be complete without its very own space ball or gyroscope, spinning your guests around giving them the feeling of weightlessness as if they were an astronaught. Our mix and mingle entertainers or party entertainers will set off the scene with wandering human robots, robots on stilts and stilt walkers. For themed parties, themed events, party themes, themed party ideas why not hold a Space theme, Space party or Space night, a Space party theme Night or an Outer Space Party for your next event. Our space themed nights are extremely popular. Please contact our team of advisors to discuss all of your space theme, space party, space themed and space night requirements. We can supply a space themed party or a space themed night, a space party and an out of space party nationwide.

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