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Masquerade Ball Theme Night

Masquerade Ball Theme Night

​With our Venetian Party or Venetian night, the Masquerade ball themed party and the Masquerade ball party or the Venetian Masquerade ball, intrigue and mystique surround every facet of your party theme or themed night.

Opulence is everywhere as ball gowns flow and each and everyone of your guests stays incognito with the use of their ornate masks at this Masquerade ball party or Venetian Masquerade ball. With our Venetian party your guests will find it hard to believe that they are not attending a period Venetian ball in a bygone era.

A Venetian mask party or Venetian Masquerade party allows all of your guests to dress up in their finest attire. Venetian party masks are everywhere in this Venetian party theme. It will be the best Masquerade ball party and Masquerade ball party theme that your guests will ever attend. With our Venetian Masquerade ball or Masquerade ball themed party each guest brings along their own Venetian Masquerade ball mask or Venetian Masquerade ball masks to hide their identity throughout the evening.

As your guests alight their gondoliers or vehicles that bring them to the venue, they enter through the golden walkway and are instantly transformed and whisked off to that little magical corner of Italy for our Masquerade ball party and Venetian Masquerade ball. Colourful backdrops of masks along with gondoliers and boats adorn the venue itself. These colourful backdrops are accompanied by Venetian party and Masquerade ball party props such as gondolier boards, balcony boards and balustrades along with ornate fibreglass columns and life-size statues. A Venetian Masquerade ball is the perfect party theme or themed party for your next themed night. For themed parties, themed nights and party theme ideas why not hold a Venetian party night or Masquerade ball party for your next themed event. For party themed nights, themed party nights, themes for parties, party themes and themed events our Masquerade ball party or Venetian Masquerade ball cannot be beaten. Novel Events can supply the complete package for your next Venetian Masquerade ball from the musical entertainment dancing entertainment, mix and mingle entertainers to the entertainment attractions. All you need to supply are the guests who will love the opportunity to dress up in their finest clothing and attend your themed party or theme night, along with their Venetian Masquerade ball mask and Venetian Masquerade ball masks. We can supply the Venetian Masquerade ball nationwide. Please contact our team of advisors to discuss all of your Venetian party night/Masquerade ball party and Venetian Masquerade ball requirements. We can supply the most perfect of masquerade ball party ideas.

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