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Air Hockey table game hire

Air Hockey table game hire

Our air hockey game comes to you ready to play! All the fun of real ice hockey, but played by two players on a table.

The air hockey table has holes in which air is continuously blown, to create that real ice feeling! The object is to hit the puck into your opponent’s goal, whilst defending your goal. The winner will be the first player to score the pre-determined number of goals. Air hockey table hire is suitable for all ages, as long as they can reach the table, and guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment.

Do you like the fast and the furious? Do you like the intense pressure, keeping your eye on the target, do you like testing yourself against the speed and velocity? Better than tennis because theres no balls to chase, air hockey tables will give you a mental and physical work out, as you try and keep pace with the split-second ricochets and direction changes! It wouldnt take much and your eyes will be fixed on the green pitch before you, responding to questions from non-players with non-committal grunts. And you can always add some interesting rules with penalties, free shots and if youre really inventive, an off-side rule!

Do you have children? Have you been to a childrens birthday party where they have the air hockey tables and know it takes promises of chocolate and lorry-loads of sweets to get them away, from clinging to them for dear life, or dissolving in a puddle of confused tears when theyre told that they have to go home now? Well, now you can provide the same excitement at your own party. Air hockey games provide lots of fun, and really do bring a smile, laughter and challenge to a childs day. Great for them to play with each other or a willing adult, theyll test their co-ordination and learn to play with the concept of points - hopefully without needing an umpire! Great as a distraction on rainy days, and very unmessy - no toys to pick up or clothes to get the mud out of! They might even give you a run-a-round, if you dare!

So whether youre looking for party ideas for company fun days, company parties, corporate fun days or looking for entertainment ideas for a private party, game tables and air hockey games will make any day fun and enjoyable. Our hockey table, air hockey game or air hockey table game is one of the most popular of our party games and giant games. For giant games hire, to hire giant games, air hockey hire, to hire air hockey and to hire the air hockey table or airhockey tables please contact us. This table top hockey game is one of the classic games that is perfect for all party ideas and entertainment ideas.

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