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Boules / pétanque Hire

Boules / pétanque Hire

Boules, otherwise known as pétanque, is perhaps the sport that is closest to French hearts, and is probably the most popular bowling game in that country.

Boules, otherwise known as pétanque, is perhaps the sport that is closest to French hearts, and is probably the most popular bowling game in that country. The casual form of the game of Pétanque is played by about 17 million people in France, mostly during their summer vacations. Boules games and garden boules are also becoming ever more popular in the UK.

Similar to British lawn bowling, french boules or petanques boules is played either one-on-one with 4 boules each, or in two teams of two, each of you having two boules each. The jack is called the “cochonnet” (little piggy), and the object of the game is to throw your petanque boule so that they land closer to the “cochonnet”, than those of your opponent, or strike and drive the object ball toward your other balls and away from your opponents. The game is played to 11 points, the first one there wins the game.

Toss a coin to choose which team plays first, throw the jack, and then the aim is to get as close to the jack as possible, by throwing with both feet together on the ground. There are a number of different shots you can play - “going in high”, when the ground is rough, “rolling in”, thrown about half way and rolls the rest of the way, and the “Carreau”, where you knock your opponents boule out of the way whilst keeping your boule in the same space occupied by the ball you have just hit! The winning team scores one point for each boule nearer the cochonnet than the opponents closest. Only one team can score points in each round.

Whether youre looking for games ideas for company fun days, company parties, corporate fun days or looking for entertainment ideas for a private party, a “jeu de boules” will make any day fun and enjoyable. A boules game on a company fun day or a team building day could pit different departments against each other with the aim of finding a supreme champion, or you could mix the departments up so that they get to know each other better and work together as a team to build their networks across the organisation.

For a private party for children, adults, or a mixture of all ages a boules set will provide a healthy, fun way of getting the party going! Kids boules games is a great way to keep the children busy and amused, or if youre having a party with mixed ages, the children could challenge the adults, or you could have family teams pitting their garden boules prowess against other family teams! For classy and entertaining party ideas, a boules set or boule set at your next event will keep your guests occupied as they compete against each other. Hire boules sets from Novel Events for your next party. Great outdoor garden games, garden games and party games.

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