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Pole Joust Inflatable

Pole Joust Inflatable

See two of your guests balanced astride a pole, attempting to batter each other with their large padded weapons, with only a padded shield to use for their defence.

For entertainment ideas and party ideas for your next event, inflatable pole joust is an inflatable game that is second to none. Where else will you be able to see two of your guests balanced astride a pole, attempting to batter each other with their large padded weapons, with only a padded shield to use for their defence, in this hilarious joust game. A great leveller for all, as trying to stay balanced on the pole is difficult enough. Great fun, allowing maximum participation for the crowd, with the position of the pole, all can see the pugilists attempting to bash their way to victory, one of the amazing inflatable games. A hilarious and entertaining inflatable sport, which will certainly provide a stern test to see who is the best jouster at your event. Often it is not the biggest and strongest who will win, but your guests who have the best balance.

The pole joust is like no other inflatable, or inflatable sports game. The duelling gladiators sit facing each other, armed with their weapons, astride a pole. The name of the game is to stay on the pole, whilst your opponent is left floundering on the soft inflatable bed below. It does not take much to displace your opponent, but be careful, a missed blow, and the momentum could see you on the deck yourself. Great safe fun, head gear is provided. It can also be supplied with pillows, making it into a pillow fight with a difference. Sport inflatables and sports inflatables are very popular.

For party ideas and entertainment ideas, this inflatable games hire is extremely popular. Joust play is suitable for use by children and adults we have supplied it as; college ball entertainment, summer party entertainment, university ball entertainment, along with military balls, RAF balls, corporate fun days, company parties, and company fun days. Amazing inflatable play and inflatable fun at any inflatable party. One of the best party inflatables.

As with all of our inflatables, inflatable pole joust is supplied with an operator, to oversee and referee the bouts, and ensure your guests safety. Headgear is provided, and as the weapons and shields are padded, there is no danger of anyone hurting themselves. Even when you guests are dislodged from the pole, they have a nice soft landing on the inflatables bed.

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Dimensions: 12ft (W) x 12ft (D) x 10ft (H)

Power: 1 x 13 amp power supply

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