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Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities


Three members of the team are linked on a pair of skis. They then have to navigate the obstacle course. This activity calls for a bit of balance, but a whole lot more of teamwork and communication. Team building activities games get no better. Perfect for team ice breakers, this team building game is a quick team building game and one of the best teambuilding exercises.


Initially this looks an impossible task. The team have to retrieve a bomb without touching it, and transfer it to a safety bunker. Without a great deal of equipment, this challenge will really develop teamwork and problem solving. With all of our team building and leadership training the emphasis is on fun along with providing successful and challenging team exercises.


The whole team has to pass through a giant bungy spiders web, and back again without touching it. To succeed the whole team has to work together as a unit. Develops trust and teamwork, this team building training is a perfect team bonding team building exercise. In this team building activity and team building event, each member of the team has a pivotal role.


Using the materials provided, the team has to design and build a launching mechanism to fire the egg across an imaginary gorge. To gain maximum points they have to catch the egg. Perfect for team development and team training this is one of our team building activities that is perfect for team motivation. A real challenging team builder.


In the middle of a minefield is a capsule full of a highly contagious virus. Their brief is to collect it and place it in a decontamination unit. Easier said than done when no member of the team is allowed in the minefield, or within three feet of the virus. Perfect for team building ideas and outdoor team building. This team building exercise will be perfect at your next team building day.


A test of communication and trust. The team has to work together to develop a language. Using only a whistle or a hooter, the instructor has to attempt to shepherd to crowd into a pen. One of the great team activities and team games, gives each member a true feeling of outdoor adventure. With all our team games and games for team building they are challenging yet fun.


The team have to cross a dangerous area containing quicksand. A bungy maze is stretched above, and the only tools they have are coloured wooden boards. However, once a piece has been used it is out of the game. Careful planning is essential. These team building events and team building exercises make for perfect team building ideas on team building days. Our corporate activities are great on corporate team building days.


One of the team is injured, and being carried on a stretcher. They then encounter an imaginary ravine that they need to cross. Using only the equipment provided they have to ensure all members cross safely. Our team building games, and this team building event provide each team with fresh and dynamic challenges. Perfect games for team building.


Planning and time management are essential in this time controlled activity. The team has to develop a language, using only a whistle, and get as many members across the minefield in the allotted time. One slight problem is that they are blindfolded. Our exercises for team building and activities for team building can be run indoors as well as out doors.


Whilst testing a new oxygen system, the team have become trapped on the wrong side of a poisonous swamp. They need to return to safety, but they can only travel when the entire team is linked together. For quick team building, management team building and office team building, this is a real fun team building games. Perfect for team building icebreakers.


Some members of the team are blindfolded. They are then instructed that they have to erect a tent. The only help they are given is the verbal instructions from the other team members. Once erected they have to get in the tent, and zip it up. Of all our team building challenges this is one of our more creative team building projects. A perfect corporate team building activity.


This activity requires a great deal of creativity and imagination. Using only the props provided, and a camera the team have to make a washing powder advert, and then present it to the rest of the team. Great for team building ice breakers this group team building game leads to effective team building and fun team building. Perfect for team building corporate events.


The team must balance themselves on a small board long enough to sing the chorus of a song. They create the song and adapt it to a tune of their choice. Of all the ideas for team building, this activity requires balance, problem solving, creativity and of course teamwork. Perfect at your next team building day, all of our teambuilding activities are fun team building games.


Captured and imprisoned the team need to plan an escape. Any disturbance to the walls of the compound means that the whole group gets re-imprisoned. With only a plank as equipment, this task requires a significant amount of problem solving. As a team building company we pride ourselves on our team building problem solving and team building services. We offer fun team building activities with new team building ideas for all corporate teambuilding.


The aim is to supply vital sales figures to the companys management. Each member has some of the information, though unfortunately Mr Murphy has disappeared with some of the key data. Its a race against time to find him and amalgamate all the data. These team building exercises are perfect for any corporate team building event. With this team building course, our corporate team building activities are great fun.


Working within budget, teams have to purchase equipment. The aim is to design and build a crane. Points are awarded for weight lifted, and horizontal stretch. This activity calls for teamwork, design, and planning. For outdoor team building activities, classroom team building, team building workshops, and all leadership and team building call Novel Events.

For all outdoor team building activities and Team Building Activities activities or Team Building Activities games, call Novel Events. We can supply all teambuilding games, team bonding activities, outdoor team building games and Team Building Activities exercises. From corporate team building activities, team building activities ideas, sports team building, team building workshops, youth team building, we will ensure that we improve all team building communication with our fun team building exercises and team building activities. Please call our experienced team of advisors for all your team building requirements.

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