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Team Building Indoor

Team Building Indoor


This team building activity is an excellent tool to push teams work together for a common goal. A segmented canvas allows each team to paint their piece of the picture, only the following team does not know what they have done. Continuation of the painting relies completely on the quality of team building communication between the teams. A great team builder and fun team building activities.


Split into groups, members will learn circus skills such as juggling, plate spinning and Diablo. Practice time is given at each station, before the groups move on to learn the next skill. At the conclusion, each group will take centre stage to perform. This activity examines confidence building, presentation skills and team determination. Perfect for corporate activities. For quick team building and team building corporate events this team building game takes some beating.


Teams are required to write the scripts, choreograph and film, a short film or an advertisement. The activity combines the need for the group to think creatively, plan, and define roles in a limited period of time. Each member has an important role to play if the presentation is to be a success. Great for team development and leadership training. One of the more creative team building and team building services that we offer.


This challenge simulates a complete business process, as teams take charge of a failing chocolate company, attempting to change its fortunes. From concept through to design, manufacture and marketing, this teambuilding challenge requires a great deal of cooperation, along with mental and artistic skills. One of the best team games and team activities. A truly challenging team building exercise.


Teams embark on the ultimate test of creativity and innovation. They have to design, plan, and build the machine within the allotted timescale and budget. They are given a limited amount of raw materials, and have to purchase future requirements. This activity is great for communication, delegation, team bonding, team motivation and importantly planning. These team exercises are the perfect team building activity.


Lets go racing. Each individual is given the same amount of gambling tokens, and then split into teams. The object of the event is to not only beat the bookie, but also to beat the other teams. Do members pool their money and bet large on a favourite? Encourages planning, co-operation and risk management. One of the more light hearted activities for team building and one of the great indoor team building games.


The object of the game is to move the balls through all of the tubes provided in the shortest possible time. There are naturally a few rules to frustrate the teams. This is a supreme test of engineering, planning, construction and teamwork. Great for team building ice breakers, and team building problem solving. For effective team building and group team building this is one of the more complictaed and challenging team building ideas. One of the best games for team building.


The teams compete against one another in an activity which will bring back all the old game show favourites. From Play your cards right to Bullseye, there is something for everyone here. Teams will need a mixture of general knowledge, and a whole array of other skills to come out on top. Highly amusing team building games and superb entertainment for corporate team building. A perfect end to your team building day with these hilarious teambuilding games.


As your event draws to a conclusion, suddenly there is a twist. The room is stormed and a hostage is taken. Delegates are divided into teams, and have to follow the clue trail, to ensure that the hostage is freed. One of the high impact team building activities that ensures full participation from all. Hostage is one of the best ideas for team building and one of the fun team building games. Great team building projects and teambuilding exercises from Novel Events.


Each team is given a pre-determined amount of fun money. With a range of pre-chosen games and activities, team challenge each other for money. Different teams and different people all have hidden talents. The game ends when one team has all of the money. One of the fun team building exercises and a great corporate team building activity. A great team building event and team building activity, and one of our most popular exercises for team building.


Delegates form motor racing teams, and attempt to win the championship. Through a series of practice sessions, players will get to grips with their cars, on the purpose built scalextric track. It is then down to race day, as teams battle it out through a series of heats to discover who is the ultimate driver. Fun team building events and team building training, one of the great team building activities games and team bonding activities.


Each team member is provided with a drum. They are then taught how to play, and importantly how to listen to each other. Within minutes the group of novices will be transformed into a pulsating Samba beat band. The finale is for them all to perform rhythmic percussion as a large team. This classroom team building or team building workshop is one of the best team building icebreakers.


The name of the game here is to break the bank. Set in a Casino, each team is given the same amount of fun money. They then have to decide how they can not only stay in the game, but also how they can finish with the most. Do they visit the low risk, player controlled tables, or do they gamble it all on red? Great for leadership and team building and one of the more popular team building activities ideas.


Your guests are divided into trading teams as they enter the high flying world of the stock exchange. Given an equal amount of money to begin with, they have to purchase shares. As the event progresses fluctuating prices are displayed, as companys crash. The aim is to have the highest value portfolio at the end of trading. Of all the team building exercises and team building activities this is office team building at its best. One of the superb indoor team building activities.


Split into several teams, delegates will have to design, construct and then race their self propelled machines. Given the same tool boxes and raw materials the teams are given a construction period before the race starts. This activity promotes group creativity, delegation and implementation skills. Team building company games, perfect for team ice breakers and one of our popular teambuilding activities. Our team building workshops are great fun.


Our wine expert will guide the team members through New and Old world wines, giving clues as everyone tastes each wine. The competition then begins as the teams are given a limited time to taste and identify each wine. The winning team, will then be given the blindfolded challenge. very popular for indoor team building exercises and perfect for corporate team building. A very popular team building game and team building event.

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