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Team Building Outdoor

Team Building Outdoor


Everyone remembers this show. Teams battle it out over a number of heats, at various inflatable stations. From obstacle courses to wet slippery slides, we have a whole range of activities to tailor make your very own competition. With a relay race to finish off, who will be the victorious team? For fun team building and sports team building, team building exercises and team building games do not get any better. Perfect for team building ideas and team building days. A great corporate team building activity and corporate team building event. For team training and team exercises use Novel Events for your next outdoor team building day.


A treasure hunt is a great way of getting people outdoors, working together and having fun. We deliver treasure hunts that are tailor made to suit your requirements from location to duration, to method of transport. We can even include company information, to use the hunt as a learning tool. A Treasure hunt is one of the great team building activities. Adding outdoor adventure as a team building activity it fits in well on any team building day. One of the best teambuilding ideas,a treasure hunt will assist team bonding, team motivation and improve team building communication channels. Our team building events and team building training days are always popular.


Teams are provided with a range of equipment, with the ultimate aim to send their rockets into the sky, whilst ensuring that they also have a safe landing. All members have specific roles within the team, be it from designing and planning to the building of the rockets, in this time controlled activity. Inspiring leadership training, our team building services can be run as team building workshops. The leadership and team building in our fun team building exercises, and fun team building games can be shown in our creative team building projects. These team building challenges make for great outdoor team building activities. With our team building training we can supply various team building activities.


The stage is set; you have been given the brief to build a bridge over a gorge in Africa. In a scaled own version, you and your colleagues have to use the equipment available to ensure that the whole team can get from one side to the other, safely overcoming the flowing rapids below. Perfect for youth team building and corporate team building this team building exercise is one of the best outdoor team building activities. Our outdoor team building games make for perfect team building activities, and of all the team building games we offer, this continues to be one of the more popular outdoor team building exercises. Perfect for team building ice breakers at all team building corporate events.


Full of bouncy fun, choose your own stations from our range of inflatables. We can offer bespoke Olympic days, as teams battle it out to see who will win Gold. Alternatively, we can provide you with a recommendation of which pieces of equipment will suit your event best. For team building games and as a team building exercise, this team building games, is by far our most popular of teambuilding activities. With no team building problem solving here, these teambuilding games and team bonding activities are perfect for quick team building. Our games for team building are always fun, and we pride ourselves on being the team building company that offers novel ideas for team building.


Relive your school memories. Delegates are divided into House Teams and attempt to score as many points as they can for their teams. Activities include the old favourites such as egg & spoon race, sack race, and the three legged race. Who will be the sports day champions? These games for team building are perfect teambuilding activities. Great for team building ice breakers and perfect exercises for team building. Why not make your next team building day or team building course fun with this quick team building and fun team building event. Perfect for corporate teambuilding, management team building and a great teambuilding activity.


Delegates arrive at the top secret spy training school. Here they are split into teams, and then have to learn all the skills required to go undercover. With various surprises throughout the session, the winning team will be the one who successfully decodes the messages, and solves the complex challenges. For corporate activities, team building events and team building exercises, team games and team activities do not get any better. Team building ideas and effective team building, corporate team building with this challenging team building games lead to increased team development. This is a perfect team builder, team building activity and team building event to challenge every team member.

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